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The 3 Most Important Things Your Child Needs to Ace Their First Martial Arts Class

Is your child nervous about their first class? Excited? Are they wondering what will be expected of them?

What you and your child will get:

  • The three most important things for your child's first class. (Hint: They're not what you think!)
  • 9 video tutorials with kids from our dojo giving advice based on their first-hand experience.
  • Clear explanations on what will be expected of your child at their first class.
  • Practical methods to practice and get ready for your first class.
  • Downloadable 1st Class Checklist.
  • Downloadable Motivation List
  • Bonus offer on continuing classes.

What People Are Saying:

Excellent short introductions for small children. The kids [in the videos] give great examples showing positively how to do each thing expected of them in class. My child is young so we will watch these many times.

Kristi H., Seattle, WA

Thank goodness for those online Aikido classes. I never signed on for being a homeschooling mom and I find it overwhelming at times. My daughter loves it and I get an hour break from being 'Homeschool Mom.

Nicole S. (Hospitality Professional)

So much enthusiasm and dedication from Lia Sensei! Thank you for teaching our kids so superbly!

Carlos Barrios MD (Child Psychologist)

The work that Suzuki Sensei is doing with her students is phenomenal! I've been to her dojo and trained there. The dojo is spacious, the students kind and generous - and earnest martial artists." If you happen to live in any of the locations where Sensei has a dojo, go and train. You will be glad you did. If you have children that are in need of a nourishing and fun environment - Lia Suzuki Sensei's dojo is the place to take them.

Tony Blomert (Author)