Proper Body Alignment in Movement

8-Week Online Course

Starts Saturday, January 15!



Lia Suzuki Sensei

6th dan Aikikai

Aikido Kenkyukai International USA

"A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind."


Morihei Ueshiba, O Sensei

Founder of Aikido


Preserve your body. Improve your technique.

It's easy to develop bad habits in your Aikido.

Take this opportunity to visualize your best Aikido. While we train together in our live classes, I'll pay attention to your alignment and structure in your movement and together, we'll eliminate any inefficient or harmful patterns of movement.

Now is the perfect time.

Join my global community of Aikido-ka in this live, interactive online series.

What You'll Learn In This 8-Week Course

Module 1

The 3 Lines of Equilibrium in All Budo


There are 3 lines of equilibrium that we must maintain in order for our technique to be effective and in order to keep ourselves free from injury. In our first session, I'll introduce these 3 important lines and, most importantly, we will begin Ikkyo drills and shadow work to attain full embodiment of these principles by the end of the course.

Module 2

The 3 Basic Body Positions in All Budo


In this second session, we will review and reinforce the principles of the 3 Lines of Equilibrium, using Ikkyo as our vehicle. I'll then be introducing the 3 Basic Body Positions, as we move on to Nikkyo.

Module 3

Reinforcing the New Muscle Memory


In this third session, we'll quickly review Ikkyo and Nikkyo, while maintaining our focus on the 3 Lines of Equilibrium and the 3 Basic Body Positions. Keeping these in mind, we'll continue to our study of Sankyo.

Module 4

Challenging Ourselves


Can we maintain these new principles of equilibrium and body position through all techniques? This is the challenge we'll take on in Module 4, as we add Yonkyo to our list.

Module 5

The 3 Basic Turns in Aikido


In this fifth session, I will introduce the 3 Basic Turning styles in Aikido and what I'm calling "Footwork Pattern A". We'll be using Shihonage as our vehicle for practice. We'll also use this opportunity to reinforce the principles or equilibrium and body position that we've been working on.

Module 6

Building New Reflexes

Shihonage & Tenchinage

In this sixth session, I'll introduce "Footwork Pattern B". We'll employ Shihonage and Tehchinage to gain insights and begin building muscle memory.

And of course, the principles of the 3 Lines of Equilibrium and the 3 Body Positions will remain a priority.

Module 7

New Beginnings


In this seventh session, I'll introduce "Footwork Pattern C", based on kesa giri and kiri age. We'll examine the moving structure of the body through these cuts and then apply our findings to paired training and shadow training.

At this point, we will notice a more natural and subconscious adherence to the principles of equilibrium and body position, which we have been studying over the last weeks.

Module 8

Freedom in Correct Movement

Jiyu Waza

This eighth and final session will be a celebration of sorts - a celebration of your hard work in attaining the freedom that comes with creating correct muscle memory, freeing your body from stress and pain.

Proper Body Alignment In Movement Via ZOOM Video Conference

All our course sessions take place on the Zoom video conference platform. Zoom is easy to use and a great way to train virtually with our global dojo community! 

All you need for joining the calls is a good internet connection and a camera on your laptop or desktop. It's a simple click of the Zoom link to join the conference call.

For mobile devices, all you need to do is download the Zoom App in the APP STORE, or on GOOGLE PLAY for Android devices.

Program Content Description

Weekly Live Hybrid Sessions w/ Lia Suzuki Sensei

Your weekly live online sessions are the core of the "Body Alignment In Movement" course.

For 8 Saturdays you will meet virtually with Lia Sensei and her Los Angeles students. Classes are surprisingly interactive for virtual participants, thanks to our dojo projector, enabling Lia Sensei to easily see you and interact with you.

After each session, you're invited to stay afterwards for a Q&A session with both in-person and virtual attendees.

These live course sessions will take place on Saturdays at the following time:

10:00am PST • 1:00pm EST • 19:00 UK • 20:00 CET • 21:00 IST

Weekly Module Practice Videos

During the 8-week course, you will receive  weekly practice videos based on the current module theme.

These practice videos are from past classes and are carefully curated to ensure their relevance to the current module we're studying that week.

Training along with the practice videos is optional, but highly recommended, so as to not leave too large of a gap between classes, thereby moving you toward embodiment of these principles.

Weekly Live Q&A Session

You'll be invited to stay for a 10-minute Q&A session each week at the end of the live class.

The Q&A sessions with Lia Sensei are a great way to help you to better understand that day's class, as well as get to know the other students from around the world.

Proper Body Alignment In Movement on the go via our Mobile App!

You can access all your course practice videos and downloads on your mobile devices via the Kajabi app.

The mobile app gives you full access to the program content for viewing or listening at your convenience.

Your Instructor:

Lia Suzuki Sensei

6th dan, Aikikai

Lia Suzuki Sensei is a senior student of Yoshinobu Takeda Shihan and National Director and Founder of Aikido Kenkyukai International USA.

For nearly 10 years, she lived and trained intensively under Takeda Shihan in Japan. Suzuki Sensei's experience in Japan also gave her the opportunity to train with the late Yamaguchi Sensei and other notable masters.

She currently is based in Los Angeles, and directly oversees several dojos in her network in the USA and the UK. Suzuki Sensei travels extensively throughout the world, teaching at dojos outside of her affiliation, as well.

Her mission is to foster inclusion in the Aikido world, rather than division, and to increase Aikido’s popularity among youth and those in their 20's and 30's.

What people are saying...

"It was surprising how much one can learn from an Aikido Zoom session. I learned a lot."



"Shalom Lia Suzuki Sensei,

In general, I was expecting 8 meetings of one hour. You gave much more! Sorry I could not join all the sessions. I will follow and watch all the videos.

You are doing a wonderful job. Keep going!

All the best!"



"I wanted to let you know that your class is helping me in ways other than aikido. I was doing yoga the other day and was having trouble with my balance. After I shifted my foot to 65 degrees and made sure I was not in a tightrope, things got better."

Jem Sebastian-Wortman

Clayton, CA, USA

"We are basically back in the dojo once a week. I wanted to share that I am noticing improvements because of your zoom trainings, which I think is very cool! 😁 Like the nikkyo exercise with the jo; I really notice that now I'm finding nikkyo easier to do because of it, where before I was always struggling a lot. And many other small differences."



"I learned to be more aware of my posture (alignment) when doing any movements (suburi, irimi-tenkan, etc) in Aikido, and it feels good. If I can get my body to learn the feet positioning, I know I will be more stable too. My two feet have the habit of 'standing on a tightrope'; I didn't realize that was causing me to wobble every time I change my hanmi direction. I will be looking forward to the recorded videos, and your other future zoom seminars too. Thanks for the classes and your feedback, they have definitely improved my Aikido.

Thanks for putting a lot of thought into the sessions. See you in the next one!"



"Thank you again for your wonderful instructions and guidance.

The classes were very well structured and planned. Also, the videos were very helpful to deepen my understanding (although I sometimes had to motivate my lazy self :) (“Omoi Koshi Wo Ageru”)). I learned a lot and will keep working on the footwork, alignment and techniques with the help of the videos.

Thank you again Sensei and I will see you and hopefully others in September!"

Kaoruko Ando

Seattle, WA, USA

"Thanks a lot for your support this year. The virtual classes are so valuable for me. And more helpful than only videos. Some movements are new or not so well known to me. But the systems are so nice. I had some discussions about virtual aikido training and somebody said virtual aikido is not possible. But in my experience, it is. I've learned so much so I am very grateful to you for your help."



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Proper Body Alignment In Movement

 8-Week Course Begins Jan. 15th, 2022

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  • 8 Live Training Sessions Via Zoom with Lia Suzuki Sensei
  • 8 Weekly Practice Videos
  • 10-minute Q&A session at the end of each live session
  • Supplemental video clips
  • Downloadable Checklists and Guides
  • Unlimited access during the course to the recordings of the sessions and supplemental videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to a global community of Aikido-ka
  • Mobile App
  • BONUS: Free Download - 6 Tips to Avoid "Zoom Fatigue" in Your Online Aikido Training
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