Online Coaching & In-Person Seminars for Aikido Students, Instructors, and Dojo Owners

Welcome to my site. Whether you're a total beginner learning how to tie your belt, an intermediate or advanced student wanting to try online training, or an instructor with your own dojo, I can provide the resources you need to navigate the challenges you're facing.

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Shoto / Wakizashi

Integrate short sword in your Aikido training to stop pushing or pulling your partner, as well as gain new insights and inspiration.

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"Shoto Fact Sheet"

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Proper Body Alignment in Movement

Preserve your body. Improve your technique.

It's easy to develop bad habits in your Aikido. And these bad habit can result in ineffective technique or worse yet, physical injury.

Take steps now to correct harmful patterns and build muscle memory that will enable you to continue your training for years to come.


Checklist: "The 3 Lines Of Equilibrium in Budo"

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Teacher Training

In Modern Times And Beyond

Whether you're a seasoned Aikido instructor or just getting started, having a roadmap is essential.

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"The 3 Golden Rules of Teaching Martial Arts"

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Traditional classes in the martial art of Aikido for children, teens, and adults.

Whether you're able to do in-person training at one of our dojos or you're currently limited to online training, we've got the resources to keep you moving forward.

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All The Tools You Need For Your Dojo to Survive and Thrive

Many martial arts dojos were not able to survive 2020. But those that were able to pivot and adapt to the new world of online training have survived. Some have even thrived through it all.

Learn simple and clear strategies to ensure that whether you're teaching in-person or locked down and teaching on Zoom, you can give your dojo members the support you've promised them.

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Let us know your interests and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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