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What people are saying...

"One element that really stuck with me was continuing to lead with center, connect, and move with that connection. I valued using the shoto to demonstrate open hand techniques and feel the extension. I really appreciated ato-keiko as well and the attention to ukemi - and particularly the way you pushed each of us appropriately to each of our growth edges. Another huge benefit was that each day had a flow and focus on a technique. I so appreciated breaking down ikkyo, irimi nage, shiho nage, etc. into smaller studies. Then the end of the day had a culmination of our learnings that helped me, as 5th kyu, understand at least a little bit more about the foundational techniques.

As a student, I feel more confident going into an attack with energy and trust in my ukemi. I also notice more spirals in the techniques that help stretch out uke, and the importance of bending my knees and using the ground as a resource, connection point and ally."

Cam, Petaluma, California

"Thanks again for the wonderful seminar in Weilheim!

It was especially interesting to do some things we had done on Zoom during the pandemic lockdowns, now with real partners. It felt quite different (e.g. A+B footwork with real partner).

Nevertheless, the Zoom practice was very good preparation.

It was also great fun to practice "Monty pythons walkโ€œ or techniques "against the wallโ€œ.

I think everybody enjoyed it and hopefully this will be repeated next year."

Thomas Petry, Germany

"Dear Lia, you gave a class in September 2017 in Hildesheim. Our Dojo likes to work with internal power. I was very impressed by your training. Pierre from Hildesheim"

Pierre Pihet, Germany

What people are saying...

"Lia sensei was cool with the absence of the heavy hands often found from ikkyo movement. The "drop" is a good idea to incorporate... thank you ๐Ÿ’•

ย Thank you for the service you offered to the Aikidoka community!"

Suzanne Rudiger, Germany

"Lia Sensei changed my life. Her teachings in Aikido have had a profound impact on who I am today and continue to shape me everyday into a stronger, more grounded person.

Lia Sensei is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. She is passionate to no end about Aikido which comes through in her thoughtful though very Japanese style of teaching. Her Aikido classes always leave me drenched in sweat by the end which I have almost never experienced anywhere else (except Japan!) They are intense, dynamic, and feel the way a martial art should truly feel, like a sacred practice."

Chris Coats, USA


"Lia Sensei spent years in Japan absorbing the essence of Aikido training and Japanese perseverance and grace from great teachers, and in turn she now transmits that depth of feeling to her students. Her fundraising and charitable works are exemplary, and she does lots with very little. She is admired from far and wide."

Nat McCully, USA

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