Ushiro Ryokatadori Kokyunage with Beginners

Do you get many chances to practice ushiro? Specifically, techniques from ushiro ryokatadori?

In today’s video, I’m going to share a couple clips from a beginners’ class I taught in Los Angeles last week. In these clips, we’re practicing ushiro ryokatadori kokyunage. I encourage uke to resist somewhat, forcing nage to really root themselves.

I also encourage nage to keep their eyes at eye level, keep the chest open, and bow FORWARD, rather than down.

The students in the video are all 5th kyu and below. So you won’t see spectacular ukemi or super-refined technique, but you can see how they become more and more grounded, as the class goes on. It’s an excellent exercise for beginners and advanced students, alike.

Let’s check it out.


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