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In-Person: Los Angeles Dojo



Our instructors create a positive environment to build confidence and self-esteem.


Kids have positive role models whose expertise exemplify the rewards of discipline and dedication.


Kids learn leadership and responsibility, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect both in and out of the dojo.

What people are saying...

"The work that Suzuki Sensei is doing with her students is phenomenal! I've been to the dojo and trained as a guest. The dojo is spacious, the students kind and generous - and earnest martial artists."

"If you happen to live in any of the locations where Sensei has a dojo go and train. You will be glad you did. If you have children that are in need of a nourishing and fun environment - Aikido Kenkykai is the place to take them."

Tony Blomert


"So much enthusiasm and dedication from Lia Sensei! Thank you for teaching our kids so superbly!"

Carlos Barrios MD

Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist



Most Popular

  • $55 Value
  • 2 Intro Classes
  • Free Economy Uniform Included

This is our best deal and most popular package. Most kids need more than just one class to decide if they want to continue and the economy uniform is great for growing kids.




  • $70 Value
  • 2 Intro Classes
  • Free Premium Uniform Included

Makes sense if you think there's a good chance your child will continue their Aikido training.


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