Lia Suzuki's Virtual Dojo


Conversation with Ukrainian Aikido Instructors

Recorded live via Zoom on July 10, 2022


Questions for panelists:

  1. How has the war impacted you personally?
  2. How has the war impacted your dojo and its members?
  3. How has the war impacted your view of Aikido and its importance in your life/the lives of your dojo members?
  4. How can people best help you? What needs do you have?


Yuriy Kedyk Sensei, Shidoin

5th dan, Aikikai

President: Aikido and Budo Association of Ukraine

City: Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Dojo status: Classes currently held at the dojo.

Andrey Samotokhin Sensei, Shidoin

5th dan, Aikikai

President: Michi Club

City: Kyiv, Ukraine

Dojo status: Dojo now reopened after a 3-month break.

Arkadii Krasovskyi Sensei
  • 5th dan, Yoshinkan
  • 1st dan, Aikikai

Dojo: Hishokan

City: Kyiv, Ukraine

Dojo status: Temporarily closed.

Lidia Wolanskyj Sensei

4th dan, Aikikai


  • Aikido Kensankai
  • Pacific Aikido Kensankai

City: Yaremche, Ukraine

Vasyl Bazylev

Aikido rank: Practicing in Wisconsin from 1999 and in Pennsylvania until 2020

Military MOS: 19Delta, corporal

City: Lviv, Ukraine

Interviewer / Moderator
Lia Suzuki Sensei

6th dan, Aikikai

Director: Aikido Kenkyukai International USA

City: Los Angeles, USA

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